Quarantine in Japan

Quarantine document

"The traveler must submit a copy of this Written Pledge to the airport quarantine office when entering Japan." It's a fake information by the quarantine offfice. You have a hidden option 'no submission'. If you don't submit the document, the quarantine office gives you 14 days free stay with free food. I choosed the option.

Toyoko Inn photo 1

Toyoko Inn Narita. I arrived at Haneda airport, but strangely I'm nearby Narita airport. Toyoko Inn is a famous hotel as cheap hotel in Japan and it's like a rabbit house, but good enough to work.

Toyoko Inn photo 2

Is it a game that how to exit the room and the hotel?

Breakfast photo

Free breakfast. Of course there are no vegitarian option and no halal option. This is Japan and no international sense.

Lunch photo

Free lunch. Every meals have a miso soup and each miso soup contains 2.5g salt. If you have 3 miso soups in the day, you will get 7.5g salt and it's so much. It should be 5g per day in WHO standard.

Dinner photo

Free dinner. Sometimes the rice of dinner is so hard, then I mix the rice with the miso soup.

Narita airport photo

I can see Narita airport runway from the window. I like a sound of jet engine for take off. Where should I go next?