Istanbul, Turkey

Grand Bazaar photo

Grand Bazaar. It's for tourists and expensive. Some of money changers offer good rate, but bad money changers offer 20% lower rate. Is it a Turkish joke?

Hagia Sophia photo

Hagia Sophia, most famous mosque in Istanbul. I love here and visited often. In this area, often someone talks to me in Japanese, then I say "你好!" in Chinese and ignore them. Istanbul is famous for scam city and be careful!

Basilica Cistern photo

Basilica Cistern. In Japanese, it's called "地下神殿" (= underground temple). The multiple scroll of the pillars reminds me of "Ys III: Wanderers from Ys" .

Topkapi Palace Museum photo

Topkapi Palace Museum. It's walking course for 2 hours and half rather than museum and the entry fee with Harem option is TL 170 (= USD 24). Usually lunch is around TL 10 and dinner is TL 20~30 in Istanbul. How many times can I eat?

Galata Bridge photo

Galata Bridge connects Eminönü and Karaköy. This area is famous for mackerel sandwich.

Mackerel sandwich of Eminönü photo

Mackerel sandwich of Eminönü. Just a mackerel and bread with fish bone and little bit expensive.

Mackerel sandwich of Karaköy photo

Mackerel sandwich of Karaköy. Good taste, no fish bone and cheaper. You should eat this!